Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Set To Conduct Massive Faith Conference At London’s O2

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be hosting a conference on the 8th to the 10th of September at the prestigious O2 Arena in London. The conference is expected to see a massive audience of over twenty thousand people attending. Tickets for the conference go on sale from the 7th of August and are priced at a reasonable rate so that all those who wish to hear the word of God can attend. The conference will begin at 6 pm on the 8th, with the next day show starting at 4 pm. The Sunday show is the longest, and will start at 1 pm, and will include the Sunday service.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most well-known pastors in the entire world. He has authored numerous books based on his experiences to reach the higher power and unlock the real purpose in life. His teachings have been translated into over …


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a prominently known Nigerian Christian minister, who shares his ministry through his numerous avenues worldwide. He is the founder and president of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, which is also referred to as Christ Embassy. The ministry, which has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, runs various arms under it including LoveWorld books, a healing school, a non-governmental organization and three Christian television channels. The three TV channels under the ministry, namely LoveWorld SAT, LoveWorld TV and LoveWorld Plus, feature large meetings of healing and prayer which are organized in various countries all around the world. A side from meetings conducted by the ministry in the United States and the United Kingdom, Pastor Oyakhilome also conducts “healing school” sessions in both Canada and South Africa. Also, in a quest to reach a much broad target audience, Pastor Oyakhilome has an online prayer network that runs via social media.



6 Facts About Storage Everyone Thinks Are True

Important Factors to Consider and Check when Looking for a Reputable Piano Mover

In case you own a piano, then it really is important that you will have the very idea how delicate it is to consider moving your piano. The need to make sure that you will look into such is a very important thing to consider because of it being that the amount of expense you will be paying will sum up to quite a number of money just so have damages repaired. In order for you to ace the right piano mover, then the very specifics that we have should help you in a way that you will be able to choose the best one accordingly. To consider moving it by hand is a disaster, leaving you an option to only consider the capabilities of professionals.

If you are planning on starting out, then chances are that …


A 10-Point Plan for Estates (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Family Estate Planning Lawyers It is a common misconception that people don’t have enough assets or property to constitute an entire estate. This is one of the reasons why not everyone has accomplished the process although many have given thought to this idea. The truth is that, anything of value can be considered, whether it’s a land property, antiques, jewelry or any rare collections. It is best to hire an estate planning lawyer to devise a living trust or will to make sure that everything is documented appropriately. Professionals in this field can correctly organize a plan to acquire, protect and allocate physical and liquid assets that are to be inherited according to the request of the testator. Attorneys are knowledgeable about the legal process which means that they are the best people to guide anyone in drafting the documents that state which beneficiaries will inherit specific possessions, and how …


Getting Down To Basics with Experts

Maid Services- Reasons for Hiring a Maid Service When you don’t have enough time to clean your house, then it is time for you to hire a maid service. They can help ensure that your home is clean and safe without having to compromise your work and schedule. You might ask what are the benefits hiring a maid can offer to you. You can enjoy plenty of benefits when you choose to hire a professional cleaning service. Getting this service is worth your additional expense. Following are the advantages you can get from a professional cleaning service.
The Essential Laws of Experts Explained
1. You have time for beloved family. This is the first thing you can enjoy with a maid service. They keep your house clean and you can use your extra time for your family.
The Essential Laws of Experts Explained
2. It is very beneficial when you …